A bit of background.

In case we haven’t met yet, hello! My name is Karen. I have been married to a wonderful man, my high school sweetheart, for 31 years. I am the mother of two adult kids who turned out way better than they should have, and who are now both married to equally amazing humans.

My professional background is in marketing and communications. I am now happily retired (gainfully unemployed?), and spend probably too much of my time hiking, sewing, backpacking, planning to hike or sewing things for backpacking.

God lifted my obsession with alcohol in 2009, and I continue to be active in a 12-step recovery program. I struggled with an eating disorder for more than 30 years; He has led me to victory in that area too.

If you know me at all, you know that I just can’t sit on the things I learn… The bumps on our journeys are meant to be shared with others. Blessings, friend.